Give your messaging a makeover

by mining MAGICAL NUGGETS from your reviews and testimonials

Ready to write wildly effective copy and talk about your business in a way that connects with your audience?

Grab my MESSAGING MAKEOVER BUNDLE to get my exact process for getting reviews and testimonials and using them to find messaging that resonates.

This is for you if you've felt like things are close to coming together but something isn't quite clicking, or if you've been doing #allthethings and wonder why you're just not getting traction.

Here's everything you'll get with the bundle

Messaging Makeover Training

So you can learn how to comb through your testimonials and reviews (and those of your competitors) to find messaging that resonates (a $99 value)

The Ultimate Testimonial Questionnaire + Workflow

So you can get more valuable testimonials and review to mine and use to sell your services. (a $49 value)

Testimonial Tracker

So you can keep track of your reviews and recommendations and any key messaging (a $49 value)

Take a short cut to your upgraded messaging

These are the exact processes I use in my business and that I've taught to dozens of colleagues and students.

And you’re getting these resources for just $97, a 51% savings!

When you buy this bundle you'll get

  • a step-by-step process for getting testimonials and reviews from every client and project

  • detailed information on how to mine nuggets that will connect with your future clients

  • templates and directions you can plug-and-play to make it easy

Hi! I'm Erin Pennings

I’m a brand messaging strategist and copywriter who helps small business owners like you hone in on the messaging and positioning around your offer so you can create marketing that speaks directly to their audience.

And it’s all based on my own experience helping my clients.

What’s that experience?” you ask…

Well, I’ve been working on client projects and copywriting for 20+ years and I've been in business myself since 2019..

And I get tons of questions on how to do #allthethings. That’s why I created this bundle, so you can start using your current work to connect with more clients

Ready to do this?

Let’s GO!


The Lifestyle


The Lifestyle


The Lifestyle


The Lifestyle

Ready to dive in and take YOUR messaging to the next level with words your clients are already using?

Messaging Makeover Bundle


  • Use Live Events to Gather Data and Build a Pipeline Masterclass

  • Everything You Need to Host a Live Event Checklist

  • Live Events Promo & Sales Email Checklist

  • Landing Page & Presentation Templates

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